American Values

What we see today in American politics is the result of what happens when money is placed at such a high value in society. In order to change our corporate political system we must change our fundamental values regarding money. In many ways the Native Americans had it right. We must return to a system founded on Mother Earth and other humanistic values. 
Our government is a reflection of our socie

ty. We can’t expect change to be rooted in government. Although change can start with government, it is far better for it to start with our society’s values system. 
One thing I believe we can work on in the U.S.A. is our level of greed. When we can diminish our greed and increase other positive values like health and the environment, we will see positive changes in government as well.

Challenging the Surveillance State

A good take on the ‘surveillance state’ that seems to be the U.S.A. at times. I like what he says regarding the fact that when we are monitored it affects our thinking and our creativity. Being surveilled by the government, or anyone, can have a negative affect on us and invades our privacy. Under the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution it is our right to be free of undue searches. Let’s respect our freedoms. 

Is it wrong USA has a food network, as opposed to a Hunger network fighting to end world hunger? Yes. I think it is.