When you hear the pizza man ring the doorbell

the thirst is real 

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this nigga drake brought a lint roller to a basketball game lmaoooo


this nigga drake brought a lint roller to a basketball game lmaoooo





for the rest of my life whenever i see this color i’ll be reminded of all the hours i wasted on the internet


sorry that color is #2C4762

Tumblrs is #2B4864

image Actually, it’s coral blue #3


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So they interviewed a Kentucky player and asked him if he “felt a sense of attainment” after finishing second place in the NCAA basketball tournament. The player didn’t know what attainment meant and asked someone what it meant. 
Now, first of all I want to say that this man did the mature thing in asking what the word meant—instead of playing it off like he knew it and pretending.
And second, I admit I didn’t know what it meant. But I do now and the word makes sense, since you are attaining something when you have a sense of attainment. 
Pshaw to anyone who makes fun of this young man.




The American collegiate system in one gif set

it hurts

the saddest part is that this isn’t even really a joke

basically yeah

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A threat to national security
more dangerous than bombs
stronger than any chemical
worse than any army

it’s the reason

I woke up this day with a new state of mind
something sweeter than the orange of a rind
see you can work and play
save the day
cook up a lobster, make peace with a mobster
spread love it’s the brooklyn way
this shit is cray cray
split a tab with a kardashian
drink a beer with a reptilian
don’t stop

make the beat drop
make a million
make a trillion
take a new direction
which turn at the intersection?
drive so fast, but slow down you wanna last
I hear the pings and see the wings
this music takes me to another level
bring on the bass and the treble
don’t stop
don’t stop
it’s the reason
it’s the reason
it’s a change of season
feel the night
this moment’s right
put on your running shoes
come on nothing to lose
gonna go all out
gonna go all in
we came to win
we’ve got ideas mixed with action
vibing with Missing in Acton
don’t stop
don’t stop
travel the globe in search of it
wars have been fought over it
babies kinda come from it
your Mom and Pops were in it
it’s the thing called loooooooove
and it’s all ya need